Instant ADAMS

Unlike Weka, ADAMS does not have a package manager. The reason is that we tend to compile custom applications for our clients (frontend and backend) using automated builds. This ensures that their workflows never run into the problem of a package being the incorrect version after an update. For end-users, we therefore provide some custom ADAMS builds, (e.g., adams-base-all and adams-addons-all), but they may be overkill for some.

To make it easier for end users to get their hands on tailored ADAMS applications, without having to build ADAMS from code itself, the Instant ADAMS tool can be used. This command-line tool allows you to build a cross-platform ADAMS application by simply specifying what modules you want to have and what version (e.g., daily build or from a release).

Using version 0.1.5 of the tool, the following Linux command-line generates an ADAMS application that consists of the modules for Weka, Groovy and Excel (-M). Any modules that these ones depend on get automatically pulled in, i.e., you will never have to specify adams-core. As version, it uses the daily build for March 2020 (20.4.0-SNAPSHOT). For always using the latest snapshot, simply use LATEST as version. For a release, you would use, e.g., 20.1.1. The option -o specifies the output directory and with -v you can supply one or more JVM arguments, in this case to use 1GB for the heap size in the start up scripts. The command will generate start up scripts for Linux/Mac and Windows in the bin directory.

java -jar instant-adams-0.1.5-spring-boot.jar \
  -C \
  -M adams-weka,adams-groovy,adams-excel \
  -V 20.4.0-SNAPSHOT \
  -o ./out \
  -v -Xmx1g

The same command for Windows:

java -jar instant-adams-0.1.5-spring-boot.jar ^
  -C ^
  -M adams-weka,adams-groovy,adams-excel ^
  -V 20.4.0-SNAPSHOT ^
  -o .\out ^
  -v -Xmx1g

This tool also allows you to generate Debian and Redhat packages, making it easy to deploy custom ADAMS applications within Docker containers.


  • The command gets issued from the same directory that contains the instant-adams-0.1.5-spring-boot.jar library.

  • Use -h or --help to see the full list of options.