weekly roundup 29/5

Time to let you in on the latest changes...

Something that has been in the making for a bit, but was accelerated through the bug-hunt for locked files under Windows (a feature I always hated!):

ADAMS now requires Java 8 for building and running.

And here is the rest:


  • SpreadSheetAggregate is now more robust in regards to failures, also handles empty input spreadsheets now correctly (no longer adds a phantom row)


  • TimeseriesDisplay now offers a "plot updater" option, which allows you to specify at what interval to update the display (or only at the end)

  • StringToValidVariableName conversion now has the additional "pad" option to output a full variable like "@{cool_variable}" instead of "cool_variable"

  • Quote conversion now offers "force" (always quote it, even if not necessary) and "double-up" (double quotes rather than using backslashes for escaping them) options

  • UnQuote conversion offers the "double-up" option like Quote as well, reversing the doubling up, of course

  • SpreadSheetToDouble/StringMatrix conversions now allow user to specify the range of rows/columns to turn into a matrix

  • data container writers (= transformers) now allow the specification on how to generate the file: AUTOMATIC, DATABASE_ID, ID, SUPPLIED current behavior was AUTOMATIC, which either uses DB-ID or if that is not available the ID of a container. With SUPPLIED you can create your own filename (without path) Affected: TimeseriesFileWriter, HeatmapFileWriter

  • EnterManyValues now has support for displaying a help via a tip text hint (when hovering over the field) and allows the output of a spreadsheet (default so far) and key value pairs


Have a good weekend!

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