weekly roundup 22/5

Time flies by and so do the updates...


  • adams-timeseries: new TimeseriesAutocorrelation filter

  • added array statistic: ArrayLinearRegression computes slope/intercept

  • adams-weka now has a simple wizard for batch-filtering datasets

  • added overlays: LinearRegressionOverlay and LOWESSOverlay


  • further fixes regarding locked files under Windows, reworked the text file readers in the process (used by the TextFileReader transformer)


  • Weka/MOA/Meka/Classifying/Clustering transformers now have a variable for monitoring purposes. Whenever this variable changes, the model gets reset and needs to be loaded again. Useful when using multiple models.

  • upgraded JSch library to 0.1.52 (used for ssh, scp, ...)

  • System property "adams.io.tmpdir" allows overriding of Java's default temp directory

  • added support for intercept/slope formulas in spreadsheets

  • the SimplePlot sink now allows to specify an overlay as well

  • adams-weka: the FixedClassifierErrorsPlot plugin for the Weka Explorer now allows the specifying of the meta-data attribute range and whether to overlay a "trend" (= a linear regression line derived from the data points)

Have a good weekend!