updates 9/2/16

I finally finished recording my lessons for the upcoming MOOC, which gives me a bit of breathing space for some ADAMS stuff again:


  • adams-spreadsheet: spreadsheet file viewer's close operation now actually closes the window

  • implemented more efficient undo/redo in the Flow editor, which is noticeably faster for large flows with 100s or 1000s of actors

  • adams-spreadsheet: SpreadSheetVariableRowIterator and SpreadSheetStorageRowIterator now handle missing values correctly (not just missing cells)

  • adams-excel: the ExcelStreamingSpreadSheetReader now handles missing cells in the XML data stream properly


  • flow editor tabs Variables and Storage names now allow locating all usages of the selected variable/storage name - like the tree popup menu's Find usages

  • adams-weka: Weka upgraded to revision 12423 to include new GaussianProcesses classifier that can handle instance weights natively


  • Swap actor menu item got added to the Flow editor's tree popup menu.

Thanks for your feedback!

Cheers, Peter