updates 4/12

Last week, I gave a data mining workshop using ADAMS in Kuching, Malaysia. The material of the workshop is available from my github account.

I noticed that Windows is not particular great in regards to displaying unicode characters (e.g., emoticons). During my workshop we were also covering twitter sentiment analysis and showing all emoticons as little squares is not a very useful. My Linux Mint displayed them without any issues, on the other hand.

Thanks to these issues and the workshop, there have been a number of changes:


  • Flow editor: annotations/quick info/input+output menu items in the View menu now get correctly updated when switching tabs

  • run/run.bat start scripts now specify the correct java-cup jar library in the CLASSPATH

  • Flow editor: Parameters tab now displays inline scripts in a more sensible format


  • added support for reading/writing flow files (.flow, .flow.gz format) with different file encodings (eg UTF-8/16)


  • adams-weka: added more string tokenizers and new token cleaner class hierarchy

  • adams-core: SwitchedSource actor allows you to output tokens based on boolean conditions, similar to the Switch control actor

  • adams-video: simple VLC-based video player got added by my student Steven Brown - requires VLC to be installed locally

  • added dialog for customizing fonts of widgets, e.g., to select more suitable font for displaying various unicode characters

  • the module adams-nlp has left the incubating stage and got moved to adams-addons

Have a good weekend!