updates 25/1


  • adams-weka: added note to WekaAttributeSelection transformer that cross-validation will not produce any reduced/transformed data

  • adams-weka: upgraded Weka to revision 12379 to fix handling of string attributes in some filters


  • Flow tab Parameters now displays arrays as ordered list

  • adams-video: MjpegImageSequence and MovieImageSequence now have a parameter to limit the number of images generated

  • containers now have a short help string attached including the class that the item represents; this help gets displayed in an actor's help dialog, section Additional information

  • adams-core:

    • SelectObjects interactive source can be used for objects that don't belong to a class hierarchy now as well, e.g., adams.core.base.BaseString. The only requirement is that the object can be instantiated from a String.

    • ContainerValuePicker now has an ignoreMissing flag (on by default), which allows you to generate logging/error in case of missing container values.


  • adams-core: the SelectArraySubset transformer allows the user to select the desired array elements interactively

  • adams-imaging: added Average/Median multi-image operations

  • adams-heatmap: added HeatmapToBufferedImageExpression conversion which uses a mathematical expression for converting the heatmap values

  • adams-weka:

    • added main menu item for the new WEKA Workbench

    • added WekaAttributeSummary sink for visualizing attributes in a dataset

  • adams-video

    • added MovieInfo transformer for extracting information from a movie file

    • added MovieImageSampler transformer that outputs the images obtained through a sampling algorithm