Updates 2022/06/23

It's been quiet for too long in terms of updates... A lot of little things have happened, with dependencies getting upgraded to address security issues, a lot of things happening in the image annotation space, support for JDBC BLOB/CLOB reading/writing and handlers for the Preview browser for audio files.


  • The Pull up operation in the Flow editor now ensures that the actor names in the parent node are unique.

  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts: The XGBoost classifier now handles classification properly, improved speed at prediction time.

  • adams-imaging:

    • IndividualImageSegmentationLayerReader now reads layers as ARGB rather than RGB.

    • IndividualImageSegmentationLayerWriter now writes proper binary PNG files for the individual layers.

    • The BlueChannelImageSegmentationWriter no longer overwrites the JPG base image.

    • The Eraser image segmentation tool now works properly when zoomed in or out.

    • The ImageSegmentationContainer can be copied now, due to implementing its own getClone() method to handle BufferedImage objects properly (can't be serialized).


  • The GenericObjectEditor now displays options and help in two separate tabs rather than a split pane, which previously could make it look too squashed. Resizing its window when switching classes has also been minimized.

  • The ReportField transformer is now derived from AbstractArrayProvider and can output the fields as array.

  • adams-compress: upgraded zip4j to 2.9.1

  • adams-imaging:

    • upgraded metadata-extractor to 2.17.0 (CVE-2022-24613, CVE-2022-24613, CVE-2022-24614)

    • The ImageObjectAnnotator now offers annotation checks to ensure that only valid annotations can be accepted.

    • The preview browser handlers BlueChannelImageHandler, GrayOrIndexedImageHandler and TrimapImageHandler allow the user now to select an image reader.

    • The ImageSegmentationContainerFilter transformer now implements InPlaceProcessing and creates a copy of the container by default.

  • adams-net:

    • The SMTPConnection standalone now allows the specification of the protocols to use (eg TLSv1.2).

    • The Email preferences now allow user to specify SMTP protocols to use.

    • Upgraded javax.mail to 1.5.6

    • Upgraded commons-mail to 1.5

    • Upgraded commons-net to 3.8.0

  • adams-meka: Upgraded Meka to 1.9.6

  • adams-pdf: Upgraded itextpdf to

  • adams-rest: Upgraded jackson-databind to to address CVE-2020-36518

  • adams-rsync: Upgraded rsync4j to 3.2.3-9

  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts: upgraded xgboost4j to 1.5.2


  • The tree popup menu in the Flow editor now has a sub menu for adding the most common actors based on the user's usage.

  • The FromFileHandler Preview browser handler simply points to a text file containing a setup (command-line or nested format) of the actual preview handler to use. Useful for maintaining and sharing a range of preview setups.

  • The ByteArrayToJavaObject and JavaObjectToByteArray allow deserializing/serializing arbitrary objects from/to byte arrays.

  • The LargeObjectDbReader source and the LargeObjectDbWriter sink allow reading/writing of BLOB/CLOB entities.

  • adams-imaging:

    • Added the LocatedObjectsToReport conversion, which turns arrays of image objects back into a Report object, to be attached to an image.

    • Added a plugin architecture for object annotation overlays, which makes it easier to create more customizable overlays: ObjectAnnotations (Image viewer), ObjectAnnotationsHandler (Preview browser), ObjectAnnotationsFromReport (Draw transformer), ObjectAnnotations (object overlay).

    • The ImageObjectToVariables transformer turns the properties of the LocatedObject passing through into variables (eg, x/y/width/height).

    • The SetImageObjectMetaData transformer allows setting/updating meta-data of individual image objects (of type LocatedObject).

    • The SimpleImageSegmentationAnnotationsHandler plugin for the Preview browser allows the overlay of annotations from PNG files over the actual JPG image.

    • The ImageSegmentationAnnotationsHandler generates a more sophisticated interface with the various image segmentation layers. Though it is slower than the simple handler, it supports also the individual segmentation layers format.

    • Added reader/writer pair for grayscale image segmentation PNG files.

    • Added Switch label tool to image segmentation annotation interface, which changes the label from one to another (eg when accidentally mislabeling).

    • Added the Draw and MergeLayers image segmentation container filters.

  • adams-audio:

    • The AudioFileInfoHandler in the Preview browser displays information on .mp3 and .wav files.

    • The AudioFilePlaybackHandler allows playback of .mp3 and .wav files in the Preview browser.