Updates 2022/02/04

A lot of effort was going on behind the scenes to update or remove dependencies that were affected by to the log4j vulnerability.


  • The Preview browser now has an upper limit (defined in its props file) for how many previews will get cached, to avoid unnecessary memory being gobbeled up.

  • Leaving files in the GenericObjectEditor now falls back on "." (or the current working directory) rather than resulting in a parse error.

  • adams-imaging: The following plugins of the RemoveOverlappingImageObjects transformer no longer add duplicate objects to the result under certain circumstances: KeepHighestMetaDataValue, RemoveLargerRectangle, RemoveSmallerRectangle.

  • adams-ml: The SimpleArffSpreadSheetReader/Writer now correctly quote/unquote attribute names.


  • adams-core and adams-maven-plugin: updated logback-core/logback-classic to 1.2.10 (to address log4j)

  • adams-compress: upgraded junrar to 7.4.1 to address https://github.com/advisories/GHSA-m6cj-93v6-cvr5

  • adams-excel: removed unused openxml4j dependency to avoid old version of log4j being pulled in

  • adams-imaging: the ImageSegmentationAnnotator now allows the application of filters to the layers (as a whole)

  • adams-rest: updated jackson-databind from 2.9.8 to

  • adams-spectral-3way-core: upgraded multiway-algorithms to 0.0.9

  • adams-spreadsheet: added COLUMN_VALUES which returns all cell values in verbatim order.

  • adams-video: removed unused org.openimaj:video-processing dependency as it pulls in old version of log4j

  • adams-weka: updated Weka to 3.9.6-fork-0.0.1

  • adams-xml: updated xstream to 1.4.19 to address https://x-stream.github.io/CVE-2021-43859.html


  • adams-imaging:

    • The Size object finder allows filtering by size (width, height or both) using lower and upper bounds.

    • Added I/O support for the YOLO object annotation format (YoloAnnotationsReportReader, YoloAnnotationsReportWriter) and in the preview browser (YoloAnnotationsHandler).

    • Added the AddDefaultLabel object filter, which sets a default label for annotations if currently none set (to be used with ImageObjectFilter transformer).