Updates 2021/05/28

A bunch of changes and updates happened since last time in relation to spreadsheet handling (general and spectral data related). One thing that I've been trying to sort out was creating screenshots of tables. You can now use Send to -> Export table as image on pretty much any native ADAMS table to create a screenshot of a table.


  • The ListVariableUsage actor processor now also inspects VariableNameValuePair (and arrays) and BaseObject arrays for variables.


  • The search panel received an overhaul, including an added clear button. The Preview browser now performs incremental search for a more efficient search.

  • The spreadsheet handlers in the Preview browser now allow the user to select a custom cell rendering, e.g., for highlighting certain values.

  • Most tables should now offer Send to capability and the new Export table as image action to export the current table as an image in various formats. With the Copy table as image, the table gets copied as image to the clipboard.

  • The SpreadSheetDisplay sink can now be used in conjunction with the CallableActorScreenshot actor.

  • The Preview browser supports export of tables as images now as well.

  • commons-io/commons-io upgraded to 2.7

  • adams-imaging:

    • The ObjectLocationsFromReport operation for the Draw transformer now allows varying the shape color as well, just like in the Preview browser.

    • Object location overlays can now fall back on the bounding box if the polygon is too small (eg from a bad mask). Also applies to the Preview browser and Draw transformer plugin.

  • adams-matlab: improved handling of character cells in the MatlabArrayToSpreadSheet conversion.

  • adams-net: The HttpRequest transformer now has an option for defining the mime-type of the data, default is application/octect-stream.

  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts: The WekaInstancesDisplay sink can now be used in conjunction with the CallableActorScreenshot actor now.

  • adams-spreadsheet: The SpreadSheetInsertRow transformer can interpret the value now as blank or comma-separated values as well. The value(s) can now be forced to be STRING as well.

  • adams-spectral-2dim-core: the JSON format for spectra has been overhauls, using separate arrays for wave numbers and amplitudes now to reduce file size. Also, either the full report or specific reference+meta-data values can be written/read.


  • The HeatmapCellRenderingCustomizer cell rendering customizer for spreadsheet tables allows one to color in the background of numeric cells based on the global min/max and the specified color generator. Makes it easier to spot extreme values.

  • The HasElements boolean flow condition checks whether the incoming object is an array and has at least specified number of elements.

  • The HasSize boolean flow condition checks whether the incoming collection has at least the specified size.

  • The ReportArrayToMap conversion turns the a report array into a map using the specified report field as key.

  • The MergeReportFromMap transformer allows the reports passing through (either Report or MutableReportHandler objects) to be merged with reports available from a map in storage. This way, meta-data can be read separately and stored in a map in storage and then easily attached.

  • adams-imaging:

    • Added general support for point annotations, which can be used for pose estimation.

    • Added support for reading/writing DeepLabCut CSV annotation files

  • adams-spectral-2dim-core:

    • The Flatliner outlier detector picks up on spectra that only consist of one value.

    • The SpreadSheetColumnsToSpectra conversion generates multiple spectra from a spreadsheet, more flexible than SpreadSheetColumnToSpectrum. The SpreadSheetRowsToSpectra conversion works similar, but row-wise instead of column-wise.

    • The SpreadSheetColumnsToSampleData conversion generates sample data objects (= reports) from columns from a spreadsheet. The SpreadSheetRowsToSampleData conversion does the same using rows from a spreadsheet.

    • The SampleDataArrayToMap conversion generates a map from the array, using the sample ID as key for the map.

    • The SpreadSheetRowGenerator transformer allows you to generate spreadsheet rows from spectra using various generators.

  • adams-heatmap: Added the MultiHeatmapOperation transformer, which allows applying an operation to an array of heatmaps.

  • adams-spreadsheet:

    • The SpreadSheetUseRowAsHeader conversion replaces the values in the header row with the ones from the specified data row.

    • The SpreadSheetColumnsToReport and SpreadSheetRowsToReport conversions convert columns/rows in a spreadsheet containing meta-data into Report objects.