Updates 2021/01/28

Since I'll be out of the office the next few weeks, just a quick update on what has happened since the last post:


  • Restricted stopping is now working as expected in conjunction with LocalScopeTransformer and LocalScopeTrigger.

  • adams-event: The (internal) schedulers are now per flow rather than global, i.e., the same flow can be run in parallel and stopped without affecting the other instance.


  • Switched to using Java 11 for builds, but source and target version are still Java 8 for the time being.

  • The LineByLineTextReader now has a -max-lines option to limit the number of lines read.

  • adams-webservice: upgraded Apache CXF to 3.3.9

  • adams-excel: upgraded Apache POI to 3.17

  • adams-event: updated quartz-scheduler to 2.3.2

  • adams-imaging: The ObjectCentersOverlayFromReport, ObjectLocationsOverlayFromReport and ObjectLocationsOverlayFromSpreadSheet overlays (and corresponding plugins for the Preview browser) now allow varying the color of the shape as well. This is useful when displaying mostly one type of object in the image.


  • The ZipArrays source actor allows the row-based iteration through arrays of the same length that are available in storage (like Python's zip operation).

  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts: added FFT filter (unsupervised, attribute).

  • Added adams-matlab module for reading/writing binary Matlab .mat files.

  • adams-imaging:

    • The ApplyMask multi-image operation applies an image mask to another image (pixels in image get set to black if mask pixel is black).

    • The ObjectAnnotationsMask BufferedImage transformer applies the object annotations in an image's report to the image and sets all other pixels to