Updates 2020/09/11

Lately, it has been quieter than usual with the updates on the ADAMS front. However, that doesn't mean development has stopped. Quite the opposite. At the moment, most of the work goes into our User-friendly Deep Learning framework. It consists of a Python API backend, Python/Java API clients and ADAMS workflows (in additional modules outside the usual ADAMS repos).


  • The SelectObjects source actor now handles enums as well (couldn't instantiate them from strings if attached as variable).

  • using patched version of jide-oss now ( to avoid problems under OSX

  • The ArrayToChunks transformer no longer misses to output the last chunk (under certain circumstances).

  • The ExternalFlow standalone actor now updates the programmatic variables for the external flows before executing them.

  • adams-imaging: The SimpleCrop cropping algorithm now ensures that the coordinates are within the bounds of the image.


  • The EnterValue source can now display vertical buttons as well when presenting multiple values.

  • When using the PlainText renderer for actor annotations in the Flow editor, the sub-string TODO will automatically switch the color to RED (default is BLUE).

  • The Convert transformer now displays any additional information that the conversion provides as well.

  • In the Flow editor, the actor path is now displayed in the right section of the statusbar, independent of other status messages.

  • The BooleanExpression and MathematicalExpression parsers now support random number generation via rand/randint (seeded and unseeded) methods.

  • The ExternalFlow standalone can execute flows in headless and non-interactive modes now.

  • adams-audio: The AudioPlayback sink can playback MP3 now.

  • adams-net: upgraded requests4j to 0.2.0

  • adams-imaging: The ImageObjectInfo transformer now has the ability to forward the bitmap stored in the LocatedObject (if any) by using BITMAP as info type.

  • adams-pdf: The PDFCreate transformer can stop during PDF generation now if the flow gets stopped - useful for large PDFs.

  • adams-spreadsheet:

    • The SpreadSheetSelectSubset transformer now allows double-clicking a single row to select it and close the dialog.i Also added option for multi-selection (default) or single-selection.

    • The SpreadSheetDisplay sink now offers previews for the selected rows.


  • The SimpleMenu flow template generates (vertical) button-based menu using the supplied strings as captions for the buttons

  • The FileProcessingWithProgressBar flow template generates a Trigger with a FileSystemSearch that updates the user on the progress of the files being processed with a ProgressBar.

  • The FileBrowser sink displays a file or directory with the system's file browser.

  • The FileValueDefinition plugin for the EnterManyValues source allows better control over how to select files (extensions, all files filter). The DirectoryValueDefinition allows customizing the title of the dialog.

  • The HasVariableValue boolean condition is a simple way of checking a variable against a specific string value.

  • The new Attached variables tab in the Flow editor allows one to see all the variables attached to the selected actor and their current values in a table.

  • adams-imaging:

    • The ImageLabeler transformer can be used for image classification labeling tasks.

    • The following algorithms for generating negative regions have been added: MaxDimensions (for limiting the upper size of regions), RandomRegions (generates randomly placed and sized regions).

    • The ColorCounts BufferedImage feature generator counts the occurrences of every single color in an image and outputs them alongside the hex value of the color.

  • adams-audio: The MP3ToWave sink converts an MP3 file to a WAV one.

  • adams-spectral-2dim-core: Added the WaveNumberExpression filter for modifying a spectrum's wave numbers via a mathematical expression.