Updates 2019/07/03

Been spending a lot of time lately on sorting out Debian package generation for Maven projects. The .deb packages available for download now make it easier to install ADAMS on Debian systems (and derivatives like Ubuntu). This includes installing them inside Docker containers. The MySQL JDBC driver is back to the old version due to a problem introduce with 6.x (my bug report is linked below).


  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts: The number of threads defined in the JobRunner used for cross-validation in the Classify tab of the Weka Investigator is no longer getting ignored.

  • adams-rats: fixed a race condition in the FileLister rat input scheme when used inside a Cron one, which occurred when the Cron was triggering faster than the file listing was moving the files, resulting in multiple outputs.


  • reverted MySQL driver back to 5.1.42, due to driver listing columns from table from any database that the database user has access to - file a bug report with MySQL regarding this https://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=95717

  • upgraded processoutput4j to 0.0.10

  • upgraded jclasslocator to 0.0.14

  • obsolete provenance support has been completely removed.

  • The new ListSelectionValueDefinition class, to be used with the EnterManyValues source, is targed at pre-defined lists with a pre-selected default value (rather than just using the first list item as the DefaultValueDefinition only offers).

  • The SequentialDirectory, as used by the Sequence control actor (and therefore by a lot of other actors internally) has seen speed improvements for large sequences that contain multiple disabled/skipped actors. Code for storing output from last active actor in such a sequence has been optimized as well. In some cases, this reduced the actor execution overheads by 20 percent. NB: these overheads may be trivial to the other operations executed in the sequence itself. In order for this to work properly, variable support has been disabled for the skip option of actors.

  • introduced lenient flag in AbstractDataContainerDbReader which only outputs warnings instead of generating errors when containers cannot be loaded from DB.

  • Class names (ADAMS and JDK ones) are now better hyperlinked in the GUI help frame.

  • adams-video: updated vljc dependency to 3.12.1 (VLC player works again on Linux Mint 19.1).


  • The ArrayBinning statistic applies selected binning algorithm/postprocessing.

  • added module adams-scripts-debian for generic scripts to be used in debian packages

  • adams-applications: after forking the abandoned debian-maven project (http://debian-maven.sf.net/ to https://github.com/fracpete/debian-maven-plugin) and reworking the code base extensively, support for generating .deb install packages for Debian was added. and Ubuntu, using deb:package maven target.

  • adams-meta: The CurrentFlow source outputs the flow itself, with optional expansion of variables using their current state. Useful when trying to store the state of a flow at a certain time or when auto-generating flows.

  • adams-spreadsheet:

    • With the MakeJFreeChartDataset transformer, you can generate datasets for JFreeChart plots or file writers.

    • The StorageJFreeChartDataset transformer allows you to add data series to an existing JFreeChart dataset in storage, e.g., when combining plots from multiple spreadsheets.