Updates 2018/02/12

Apart from some bugfixes, the biggest change is the addition of the adams-rest module. This module allows you to quickly create REST webservices, a simpler alternative to SOAP-based ones. Using the GenericServer, you can simply slot together any functionality that you want, using classes that implement the adams.flow.rest.RESTPlugin interface. See below for more details on what REST functionality is already available.


  • adams-spreadsheet: Fixed handling of null values for date/time columns in the SpreadSheetDbReader source.

  • Improved positioning of dialogs/frames on screen, leaving (by default) 50 pixels at the bottom of the screen reserved (GUIHelper.props, property ScreenBorder.Bottom). This avoids dialogs like the GenericObjectEditor to appear behind the taskbar on Windows.

  • adams-rats: The FileLister rat input had a bug when adding the moved files to its output list when skipping files that were in use, generating an IndexOutOfBoundsException.


  • The expressions in the debug panel of the Flow editor now allow string expressions as well, rather than just simple strings with variables.

  • Added ability to delete via regular expression: DeleteVariable, DeleteStorageValue

  • The StringCut transformer now uses Index instead of int for the character positions, allowing the use of last.

  • adams-imaging: The conversions *RectangleToString and StringToRectangle can parse the x0y0x1y1 format now as well (default is xywh).

  • adams-net: The HttpRequest transformer now accepts byte arrays as well as input.

  • adams-timeseries: Updated timeseriesForecasting dependency to 1.0.25


  • SwapVariables allows swapping of values of two variables.

  • Run to here was added to the Flow editor menu, which can be used while debugging a flow and you don't want to step through all the actors.

  • Additional boolean conditions for tokens: IsBoolean, IsByte, IsShort, IsInteger, IsLong, IsFloat, IsDouble

  • Added JSON support for reports: conversions JsonToReport and ReportToJson, DefaultSimpleJsonReportReader and DefaultSimpleJsonReportWriter.

  • Added the PathSplit conversion for splitting path into its individual parts: drive letter or server from UCN path (if applicable), directories, file name.

  • adams-imaging:

    • Added modified version of CountColor, which performs linescan from left/right for counting and stops as soon as it hits another color (used for objects located in center of image): CountColorOutside

    • Added the LocatedObjectToRectangle conversion, which turns the position of the object into a BaseRectangle object.

    • The GetImageObjectMetaData transformer retrieves the meta-data map of a located object.

  • The SimpleStringReplace transformer uses simple String.replace(..., ...) for replacing sub-strings. Gets around problems with trying to specify the regular expression of StringReplace when trying to only do a simple string replacement.

  • adams-net:

    • Added URLEncode and URLDecode conversions for creating URL-conform strings and turning them back into regular strings (e.g., "hello world" into "hello+world").

    • Added StringArrayToURLParameters and URLParametersToStringArray conversions to turn string array of key-value pairs and a string that can be appended to a URL (and vice versa).

  • Added adams-rest module, for providing REST webservice support.

  • adams-rats:

    • Added generic REST support via the adams.flow.rest.RatsServer REST server (same as GenericServer, but aware of the Rat actor it belongs to).

    • Generic (text) upload capability using the adams.flow.rest.text.RatsTextUpload REST plugin.

    • Added support for controlling Rat actors (accessible via RatControl/RegisterFlow) via REST service: control.RatControl

  • adams-spectral-2dim-core:

    • Added conversions to turn spectrum into JSON string and vice versa: SpectrumToJson, JsonToSpectrum.

    • Added JSON support for reports: DefaultSimpleJsonSampleDataReader and DefaultSimpleJsonSampleDataWriter.

  • adams-spectral-2dim-webservice:

    • Added REST webservice plugins for spectra: DeleteSpectrum (delete from DB), GetSpectrum (load from DB), PutSpectrum (store in DB), TransformSpectrum (transform spectrum using specific filter)

  • adams-spreadsheet: With the SpreadSheetSubsetFromGroup transformer it is possible to retrieve specific rows from groups within spreadsheet.