Updates 2017/12/20

Last updates post before I'm getting stuck in making a new release...

A lot of things have happened in the image processing space again and a neat new feature in spreadsheet and instances tables (Spreadheet viewer, Weka Investigator) is being able to set filter strings or regular expressions per table column. This is column specific filtering, whereas the search box filters across the whole table.


  • The compact format for saving flows no longer stores the default actors along-side (in some cases).

  • The Preview browser now transfers the search terms as well when opening a new window.

  • Date-based chooser panels: setting the current date value now before displaying the dialog and automatically disposing the dialog once closed.

  • adams-net: SimpleApacheSendEmail can handle attachments now.

  • adams-spreadsheet: In the LookUpUpdate rules, variables can contain "." now as well; fixed replacing of '' around variables (replaced [] instead).

  • adams-weka:

    • fixed rendering of missing values when sorting the data in the data tab of the Weka Investigator,

    • The evaluation statistics Bias, RPD, R^2 and SDR are now skipping missing value predictions.

  • adams-rats: The FileLister input now has a flag to turn on reporting of moving errors.

  • adams-video: The FixedIntervalBufferedImageSampler image sampler now handles the offset correctly when set to "-Inf".


  • Upgraded snake yaml to 1.19.

  • Menu items can have their category (ie the menu that they appear in) now reassigned via the Main.props file: Category-<classname>=<menu name>

  • Added the following programmatic variables to the flows: project_name, project_home, project_modules.

  • The Continue control actor got renamed to Block, which is a bit more intuitive in the flow environment (though it works like the continue control statement in Java).

  • Added placeholders for TODAY, TOMORROW, YESTERDAY (using the start of day) to BaseDate, BaseDateTime and BaseDateTimeMsec.

  • LocalScopeTransformer can now finish the processing of data before stopping (atomic execution).

  • The SequencePlotter plot popup menu now has a Hits submenu, which allows you to perform operations on the sequences that the mouse is hovering over.

  • The Flow editor has a new window operation for moving the current flow tab to a new editor window.

  • added MATH_EXPRESSION_ROUND enum to the SetVariable and SetManyVariables actors, which rounds the result to a long.

  • Any ADAMS panel with axis now allows copy/paste of axis range (in Range dialog), to speed up transfer of settings.

  • adams-spreadsheet:

    • The LookUpUpdate parser no longer transfers back local variables (ie ones starting with an underscore).

    • Added "CONNECTION" meta-data type for outputting URL, database, user, password to the DatabaseMetaData source.

    • Added support for supplying a filter (simple string or regexp) per column.

  • adams-imaging:

    • GetImageObjectIndices is more flexible now, by using an object finder for locating the objects of interest.

    • The ImageObjectFilter now allows you to apply an object filter to the images that the object finder located.

    • ScaleReportObjects has been deprecated, instead you can use the ImageObjectFilter in conjunction with the Scale object filter.

    • The generators of the SubImages BufferedImage transformer now limit the objects in a sub-image to the ones that fall into that region.

    • ImageObjectInfo transformer now accepts LocatedObject objects as well (eg as output by GetImageObjects).

    • upgraded zxing to 3.3.1 (used for barcode detection/generation)

  • adams-rats: The Rat standalone can now finish the processing of data before stopping (atomic execution).

  • adams-spectral-2dim-core:

    • The Rebase spectrum filter can change the step size between wave numbers now as well.

    • The plot popup menu of the spectrum panel now has a Hits submenu, which allows you to perform operations on the spectra that the mouse is hovering over.

  • adams-weka: Added support for supplying a filter (simple string or regexp) per column to table displaying Instances.


  • Added boolean condition for matching strings with a regular expression: RegExp.

  • adams-imaging:

    • added new class hierarchy for filtering objects stored in reports (e.g., annotations).

    • With the ChangeImageObjectPrefix transformer, you can replace the prefix of objects in the image's report. Allows to combine annotations and predictions in one report, using separate overlays when displaying the image.

    • GetImageObjects outputs all the objects located by the specified finder.

    • GetImageObjects outputs objects of type LocatedObject identified by the specified finder scheme, instead of their indices like GetImageObjectIndices does. Allows for querying meta-data etc via the ImageObjectInfo transformer.

    • ImageObjectOverlap computes the overlap of objects between two reports.

    • Added the following operations for the Draw transformer: ObjectCentersFromReport, ObjectLocationsFromReport

    • The ImageObjectIndexOffset transformer changes the offset of the objects in the report by the specified amount. Useful when merging multiple reports.

    • MultiQRCode barcode decoder allows detection of multiple QR codes in a single image.

    • The DownSample BufferedImageTransformer is a simple scheme for downsizing images.

    • Added the erode/dilate morphology operations.

  • adams-spectral-2dim-core:

    • The PredictionCheck transformer allows the validaton of the evaluations in an EvaluationContainer, e.g., checking whether they are within a predefined range.

    • spectrum filter for adding the output of a prebuilt Weka filter to the spectrum's report: WekaFilterToReport.

Stay tuned for the release!