Updates 2017/09/15

The most notable change is that external actors now can have a file change monitor defined, which can trigger reloads of the external flow next time it gets executed. Useful for flows running in the cloud, which need to reload settings stored in external flows.


  • The ImageViewer now clears selection listeners, left click listeners and image overlays when displaying an image.

  • Fixed suggestions for actor templates in the Flow editor. EndlessLoop template is now the default one.

  • The MultiPaintlet for sequences now lets the base paintlets set the correct stroke themselves.

  • adams-imaging: The MultiImageOverlay now use allows to select the base overlays again.

  • adams-spectral-2dim-handheld: The ScioLabExportSpectrumReader now handles the updated column names in the CSV export files (eg "spectrum_0 + 740" instead of "spectrum_740.0").

  • adams-webservice: The XMLLoggingInInterceptor now handles multi-part messages when pretty-printing the message itself.


  • Added a file change monitor to the external actors (ExternalStandalone/Source/Transformer/Sink), reloading the external flow at the next execution if the monitor triggered. The first execution of the actor is used for initializing the monitor.

  • Added on-the-fly flag for external actors using flows that get generated at runtime (eg by a script).

  • Added support for BUSINESSDAY in date/time expressions (BaseDate, BaseDateTime, BaseDateTimeMsec) and in ExtractDateTimeField conversion.

  • Most interactive actors now allow the selection of callable actor to use as parent component (e.g., for relative location); it is also possible to use the enclosing window (frame/dialog) as parent component rather than the callable actor (eg when the actor is inside a GridView/TabView).

  • adams-imaging:

    • The Image processor visualization now applies the same flow to all the tabs. Adding loading, saving of flow snippets. Zoom for all original/processed can be selected from the menu.

  • adams-latex: The LatexSpreadSheetWriter can output the header now in bold face.

  • adams-rats:

    • The FileLister rat input can output files as array now as well.

    • The generator used by LabRat now returns an array of Rat actors.


  • Added simple, single file change monitors, accessible through the FileChanged transformer.

  • Added transformer for updating the 'last modified' timestamp of files: Touch

  • Added PromptUser actor template.

  • adams-spectral-2dim-core:

    • added spectrum reader for MPS XRF files.

    • simple spreadsheet writer that outputs spectra with the specified spreadsheet writer: SpreadSheetSpectrumWriter

    • added several preview handlers for spectra

  • adams-rats: added generic scripting support for rat generators for LabRat, via Scripted generator.

  • adams-spreadsheet: added SpreadSheetSelectSubset interactive actor that allows the user to select a subset from a spreadsheet.