Updates 2017/06/12

A lot of work has been done on better integration of the deeplearning4j framework. Support for rsync within the flow was added as well, e.g., for syncing local files with ones on a cloud server.


  • adams-dl4j:

    • DL4JCrossValidationEvaluator and DL4JTrainTestSetEvaluator now storing the model rather than the configurator in the container that they are forwarding.

    • DL4JDatasetIterator now fits preprocessor first if an instance of DataNormalization.

  • adams-weka: When changing the model file in the Investigator's classify/cluster tab now correctly resets any previously loaded model.


  • Using now processoutput4j library (https://github.com/fracpete/processoutput4j) for capturing the output from processes launched from within Java.

  • The following sources now have an additional conversion option to directly convert their output to a different type: Variable, VariablesArray, CombineVariables, StorageValue, StorageValuesArray, CombineStorage, StringConstants.

  • The IncVariable and IncStorageValue transformers can output the incremented value now instead of forwarding the input token.

  • MessageDigest can operate on arrays now as well, computing a single digest over all of them.

  • Upgraded lanterna to 3.0.0-rc1 (used for terminal-based user interfaces).

  • Added option to the CsvSpreadSheetReader to drop rows with too few/many cells: -skip-differing-rows

  • adams-dl4j:

    • added support for mini-batches to DL4JCrossValidationEvaluator, DL4JTrainModel and DL4JTrainTestSetEvaluator.

    • added support for listeners when training a model

    • added deeplearning4j-ui_2.10 dependency, to monitor training progress using InMemoryStatsListenerConfigurator

    • DL4JTrainModel/DL4JTrainTestEvaluation/DL4JCrossValidationEvaluator now store the final epoch number in the container (model/evaluation).

    • DL4JTrainModel allows incremental training now, outputting the model every X epochs (output interval).

  • adams-rats: added accepted/generated types of Rat input/output to additional information output displayed in the help screen.

  • adams-spreadsheet:

    • SpreadSheetSubset now supports R-like matrix subset expressions ,3:9 instead of specifying row and col ranges.

    • SpreadSheetSplitColumn now uses the header for the generated columns if it can be split into the same number of elements.

  • adams-weka:

    • The SpreadSheetToWekaInstances conversion can enforce STRING attributes now by using -1 as maxLabels.

    • The PartitionedMultiFilter2 (and therefore MetaPartitionedMultiFilter) now filters the data only once during the first batch, resulting in speed improvements.


  • With the adams.logging.Logging console application, you can connect to an ADAMS instance that is, for instance, running as a daemon/service, listening to its logging output. The logging.sh/logging.bat scripts start the listening application (just outputs the logging to stdout).

  • New boolean conditions for checking boolean flags: StorageFlagSet and VariableFlagSet.

  • Convenience transformer for setting a boolean flag in storage: SetStorageFlag.

  • Added new menu item Full expansion to the Flow editor for creating a fully expanded flow (i.e., pulls in all external actors).

  • Added FileTailer transformer for monitoring text files ala tail -f on Unix systems.

  • Added most of the functionality of the Remote Control Center GUI to the terminal-based interface (can be started up with adams.terminal.Main).

  • Added RightPad conversion for padding strings on the right-hand side.

  • New module adams-rsync for rsync support:

    • RSync - offers all (!) rsync options

    • Rsync4jRsyncBinary - outputs the rsync binary used by rsync4j library

    • Rsync4jSshBinary - outputs the ssh binary used by rsync4j library

    • SimpleRSync - commonly used rsync options

  • adams-dl4j:

    • added NormalizerMinMaxScaler and NormalizerStandardize dataset pre-processors for scaling numeric attributes.

    • added SimpleRegressionMultiLayerNetwork as an example for performing regression.

  • adams-twitter:

    • upgraded twitter4j to 4.0.6

    • Added TwitterUser transformer for retrieving information about a user.

  • adams-visualstats: added MOA-based CUSUM (cumulative sum) and Page-Hinkley test control charts.

  • adams-weka: added Kennard-Stone filter.