Updates 03/03

A bit of a bigger post regarding changes, as I've been busy finalizing my MOOC material - the first two MOOCs are available again and the third one is slated for end of April (at the earliest). And also been quite busy with some of my commercial projects. Hence the accumulation of changes...


  • adams-core: it is now possible to turn off parsing of formulas for the CsvSpreadSheetReader, useful when replaying twitter archives.

  • adams-spreadsheet:

    • The conversion SpreadSheetJoinColumns now keeps the cell types intact.

    • SpreadSheetAppend transformer keeps cell types intact, too (SpreadSheetHelper class fixed).

    • added SpreadSheetView class that allows to wrap another spreadsheet with a subset of rows and columns

    • introduced SpreadSheetViewCreator interface, implemented by SpreadSheetColumnFilter, SpreadSheetRowFilter and SpreadSheetSubset (experimental)

  • adams-twitter: reading of CSV archives now avoids parsing of formulas (a lot of tweets contain =)

  • adams-video: added a handler for videos to the Preview Browser, using the VLCj Video Player component

  • fixed saving of font preferences

  • expanded external flows no longer get saved alongside the actual flow with the new flow format

  • option handling: OptionManager now correctly removes (= hides) options

  • adams-weka: the Append datasets wizard now handles string and relational attributes correctly


  • Flows are now stored by default in a compact format, which also allows the storage of invalid flows. By allowing this, you won't lose any data when saving and reopening a flow, with the check flow turned off. Another trade-off is for large flows, that they load faster - but you have to have 1000s of actors to notice that.

  • The annoying tool tip in Weka's GOE class tree is now disabled by default. You can enable it again by changing the ShowGlobalInfoToolTip property in the GUIEditors.props file. This file should be in the in the root directory of your binary ADAMS installation.

  • Tables displaying spreadsheets now allow to change the number of decimals being displayed via the tabel cell popup menu and the calculation of the optimal column width(s) via the table header popup menu.

  • The Text operation for the Draw transformer in the adams-imaging module now supports multi-line text as well.

  • Comparing text tool now allows copy/pasting of files by right-clicking on the filename display above the diff view

  • adams-weka:

    • WekaInstancesInfo transformer can generate info also from weka.core.Instance objects.

    • WekaFilter now allows output of built filter alongside filtered data in a container (allows filter serialization); serialized filters can be loaded from disk now as well (pre-built filters, for instance)

  • The SpreadSheet class has been refactored into the SpreadSheet interface and the DefaultSpreadSheet class. This will allow for more memory efficient wrappers for spreadsheet-like objects (eg database tables, Weka Instances) in the future, instead of having to convert the data in a CPU and memory intensive step.


  • adams-core: With the HexReplace transformer you can replace byte sequences (find and replace entered in hex notation).

  • adams-spreadsheet: added simplified version of the CsvSpreadSheetReader called SimpleCsvSpreadSheetReader (uses CsvSpreadSheetReader behind the scenes).

  • generic framework for remote commands (see below for details)

  • adams-heatmap: added support for selection processors in the heatmap viewer, currently implemented is Crop

Remote commands

Below, a short overview of new functionality around the remote command framework. Ultimately, this framework will be used to send sub-flows for execution off into the cloud. It is already possible to send worker flows to remote servers, e.g., for performing computational expensive modeling. But with the planned cloud integration, you will be able to send such jobs into, for instance, OpenStack clouds.

  • adams-core:

    • NewRemoteCommand instantiates a new command

    • RemoteCommandReader loads a command from disk

    • RemoteCommandWriter saves a command to disk

    • GetRemoteCommandPayload retrieves the payload objects from a command

    • SendRemoteCommand sends a command to remote ADAMS instance for execution (eg executing worker flow)

  • adams-net: added connection schemes for the remote command framework that uses SSH tunnelling, sending commands through the SSH port or via scp (secure copy)

That's it with ADAMS development for the time being, as I'll be enjoying time away from work. :-)