Updates 2016/09/23

The Weka Investigator is maturing quite nicely. Going back to the Weka Explorer feels quite weird now... Handling of multi-core processing has slightly changed, as explained below.


  • Fixed layout issues with the Class help menu item from the Help menu.

  • fixed PlaceholderFile.expand method, which accidentally used getPath() instead of provided path, resulting in renameTo method not working as expected (old and new name were the same).

  • adams-ml: The ActualVsPredictedPlot sink no longer drops points with the same X, now compares X and Y to make that decision.

  • adams-spreadsheet: The COUNT aggregation of the SpreadSheetAggregate transformer now works if no numeric columns have been specified. This allows the SpreadSheetQuery transformer to process a query like SELECT COUNT GROUP BY class.


  • Upgraded EnterManyValues source to work in headless environment as well.

  • History of GenericObjectEditor panels is now persistent; stored as simple list of commandlines in project's home directory. Affects ADAMS and Weka GOE panels.

  • File Commander allows you now to connect to remote servers using FTP, SFTP and SMB (if adams-net module present). Viewing of remote files is supported as well (remote file gets downloaded as temporary file first).

  • The Preview browser now carries over search settings from one file to the next, as long as the content handler stays the same.

  • The number of threads option for multi-threading has changed its meaning slightly. Previously, anything below 1 was considered to use all available cores. The new interpretation is that only 0 is considered to use all available cores. Negative numbers represent the number of cores to reserve for other processes, e.g., -1 means all cores minus one are used, reserving one core for other operations.

  • The WhileLoop control actor now allows standalone actors to be added.

  • adams-rats: Added guards class hierarchy to the EnQueue rats output scheme, e.g., MaxQueueSize which ensures that the queue doesn't become too full.

  • adams-visualstats: The following sinks can be enclosed in a DisplayPanelManager now: BoxPlot, FourInOneDisplay, Histogram, MatrixPlot, ProbabilityPlotDisplay, ScatterDisplay.

  • adams-weka: The Weka Investigator now allows you to store additional columns from the data alongside the evaluation. The Classifier Errors plot (not the Weka legacy one) displays that then when clicking on data points in the plot. The Predictions output of the Classify tab shows these additional attributes, too.


  • Added stopping criterion MaxIterationsWithoutImprovement for the genetic optimization algorithms.

  • Searchlets for the FileSystemSearch source actor that operate on the local file system have been prefixed with Local, to distinguish them better from others offered through other modules.

  • adams-net:

    • added support for listing files via SMB (i.e., Windows shares) and FTP to the FileSystemSearch source actor.

    • FTPLister source has been deprecated and will get removed in the future. Use FileSystemSearch in conjunction with FTP searchlets instead.

    • FTPGet, ScpFrom and SFTPGet now have an empty directory as default they no longer prefix the remote directory if empty.

    • The SMBGet and SMBSend transformers in conjunction with the SMBConnection standalone allow you to retrieve/send files from a Windows host.

  • adams-spectral-core: The Update Sample data maintenance interface allows you to update a single field for all the checked spectra. Useful when setting a particular flag.

  • adams-spreadsheet: Row and column statistics can be calculated now for instances of the SpreadSheetTable class, e.g., used by the Spreadsheet file viewer.

  • adams-weka:

    • Added an Instance Explorer-like tab and a Box plot tab to the Weka Investigator.

    • Row and column statistics can be calculated now for InstancesTable instances, as used by the Weka Investigator.

Have a good weekend!