Updates 2016/09/11

The replacement of the default Weka interfaces (Explorer, Experimenter) with more user-friendly and efficient interfaces is more or less finished, with the introduction of the Multi-Experimenter (see below).


  • adams.core.discovery.DefaultPropertyDiscovery now uses the regular expressions on the property paths.

  • adams-twitter: The extraction of hashtags from tweet archives incorrectly cut off the last character from tags (Retwee instead of Retweet).

  • adams-rats: Fixed the incomplete full names of Rat actors.


  • The Find next menu item has been removed from the Flow Editor's menu, as the updated Find menu item now lists all occurrences in a dialog.

  • The File commander now offers action plugins, with the adams-compress module offering GZIP and ZIP actions.

  • The RegExp Test maintenance tool now offers Replace and Match tabs.

  • The FileSystemSearch source is now stoppable.

  • adams-net: upgraded jsch to 0.1.54.

  • adams-weka: The Weka Investigator received a few changes:

    • Supports now leave-one-out cross-validation (LOO-CV) and multi-threaded evaluation in the Classify tab.

    • Sports the 4-in-1 plot available from the adams-visualstats module as output for the classify tab.

    • In the data tab, you can now display histograms and simple plots for rows/columns.

    • Undo is now available as well - per dataset level.

  • Modules have been rearranged: adams-base-all, adams-addons-all annd adams-incubator-all have been moved to adams-applications. The Snapshot (Apps) page on the ADAMS website got removed, as the application snapshots have been folded into the regular snapshots.


  • Added object reader/write using a nested command-line format, which is easier to edit manually than the default command-line format.

  • Added FindText flow processor that allows searching for text in the actors' options (String and BaseObject-derived ones).

  • adams-net: additional searchlets for the FileSystemSearch source that allow searching on remote servers using SFTP channels. A SSHConnection standalone actor must be present in the flow for this to work.

  • adams-rats: added Exec rat input and output schemes which execute an external program.

  • adams-weka:

    • Added Attribute selection panel to the Weka Investigator.

    • Added Weka Multi-Experimenter tool, which offers a user interface that utilizes the Weka experiment framework mainly for analyzing experimental results. Weka's simple setup is available, as well as one for ADAMS-based experiments. The advantage of the latter is support for multi-threading and (in theory) also distributed computation.

  • There is a new snapshot available: adams-ml-app. This collection of modules combines all machine learning modules.