Updates 2016/08/15

ADAMS has been in the German news again: JAXenter (Google translation)


  • Data loaded in the SpectrumExplorer, InstanceExplorer, etc now keeps its associated color, even when being filtered or transformed.

  • Fixed StackOverflow error caused by AbstractActor.isHeadless() method when using a graphical actor by itself outside a flow.

  • Fixed a headless environment exception adams.gui.application.DatabaseConnections.

  • adams-imaging: the ChangeCanvasSize BufferedImage transformer no longer loses the meta-data.

  • adams-weka: fixed a cast exception in the WekaInstanceViewer sink.


  • Added support for trainable outlier detectors.

  • DirectoryLister, FileSupplier and FileSystemSearch sources now offer output of files with forward slashes (to avoid \t problems with variables).

  • ReplaceFileExtension and StringToValidFileName conversion can output forwards slashes now as well.

  • The Placeholder management dialog now has two tabs, one for the user-defined placeholders and one listing the system ones (CWD/HOME/TMP).

  • The SetReportFromFile and SetReportFromSource transformers now allow merging as well, instead of just replacing the existing report

  • Centralized headless environment checks in GUIHelper.isHeadless().

  • The run/run.bat files have been trimmed down and the actual logic is now handled by the launcher.sh/launcher.bat scripts in the new adams-scripts module. Reduces duplication to a bare minimum.

  • adams-meta: CopyCallableX actors now replace themselves in the flow with the copy of the callable actor rather than being kept internally. The callable actor can be marked as optional now as well. In case of the callable actor not being available, a dummy acctor is used instead.

  • adams-net: Upgraded tika-core to 1.13.

  • adams-rats:

    • The Rat actor can be started in paused mode now.

    • Fixed a problem with the RatPlague actor that variables were not being propagated correctly; the output queue is now optional as well.

  • adams-spreadsheet: added support for custom type mappers (spreadsheet cell type <-> SQL type).

  • adams-weka: the WekaInstancesDisplay sink now uses the improved table/model from the Weka Investigator, which includes a search panel now.


  • Added PropertiesToMap and ReportToMap conversions.

  • Added Null dummy standalone and source actors.

  • Added class hierarchy for checking whether files are in use: adams.core.io.fileuse.AbstractFileUseCheck

  • adams-imaging:

    • The JAI transformer ChangeOrientation ensures that images have the specified orientation (landscape or portrait).

    • With the ImageAnnotator, the user can interactively label objects in an image that an object locator determined.

  • adams-net: The Socket sink and source actors allow you to send and receive strings and byte arrays via sockets.

  • adams-rats: The ChangeRatState control actor pauses/resumes the specified Rat actors from within the flow. Allows to initially start up a Rat actor in paused mode and then activate it later on (for instance, after user feedback).

  • adams-spectral-core: added AmplitudeRange outlier detector, which determines its accepted range based on the training spectra. Flags any spectrum that falls outside the ranges.

  • adams-weka: The new Weka Investigator tool is aimed at providing a more versatile alternative to the Weka Explorer. Being able to handle multiple sessions in parallel, multiple datasets per session (e.g., train and test set), using tabs instead of windows, pre-defined outputs to be generated from evaluations, and lots more. At this stage, only classification is available (apart from Data and Preprocessing tabs), with more functionality coming bit by bit.