Updates 2016/06/25

This week was mostly focused on external actors, fixing a bug of disappearing tokens which has been around for a while.


  • Fixed disappearing tokens when using external actors in conjunction with variables.

  • adams-spreadsheet: The TransposeSpreadSheet conversion now keeps the cell types and no longer re-parses the content, making it also more efficient.

  • adams-meta: The include external actors now can be edited in the Flow editor through the "External actor -> Edit" action.


  • Conversion AnyToString now accepts arrays as well (actually, Unknown which can be arrays).

  • adams-spreadsheet: The SpreadSheetCellFinderToPositions conversion has been deprecated. Instead, use the SpreadSheetCellFinder transformer in conjunction with the SpreadSheetCellLocationToPosition conversion.

  • The find option of the StringIndexOf transformer now accepts backquoted strings, enabling the user to search for tab or new line using t or n.

  • adams-imaging: metadata-extractor library upgraded to 2.9.1.

  • Made the Swap action in the Flow editor more flexible by introducing a class hierarchy for suggesting actors to swap with (adams.gui.flow.tree.actorswap.AbstractActorSwapSuggestion).

  • adams-rats: The rat input FileLister now has an option to skip files that are currently in use, e.g., large files that are still being written.

  • adams-imaging-boofcv: the connect rule is now an option for the BinaryContours and CannyBinary object location algorithms, as well as for the BinaryContours and CannyEdgeDetection image transformers.


  • The PropertiesToVariables allows you to turn properties, that match a regular expression, into variables (the property value becomes the variable value).

  • adams-spreadsheet:

    • With the SpreadSheetCellFinder transformer you can locate cells (and output the row/column pairs) that match certain criteria defined by the supplied CellFinder. Allows you to locate the row in a spreadsheet with a certain value of a specific column, like finding the row with a certain ID.

    • Conversions for CellLocation objects: SpreadSheetCellLocationToPosition, SpreadSheetCellLocationToCoordinates

    • New spreadsheet reader/writer for Java props files: PropertiesSpreadSheetReader, PropertiesSpreadSheetWriter

  • adams-meta: added option transfer schemes between external and include external actor pairs (and vice versa).