Updates 2016/06/03

A major change affecting everyone using snapshots: I incremented the snapshot version to 16.6.0-SNAPSHOT.


  • The Locate actor menu item in the flow editor now parses output from the console properly again (also handles the new flow ID).

  • adams-spreadsheet:

    • SpreadSheetDifference with no key columns set computed the difference between the same cell, instead of between the cells from sheet 1 and 2.

    • SpreadSheetDbReader handles timezones now correctly.

    • The conversions SpreadSheetStringColumnToTime and SpreadSheetStringColumnToTimeMsec now have a sensible default format.


  • The logging output of actors now also includes the (at runtime) unique ID of the flow to make it easier to distinguish output when running multiple flows in parallel.

  • The following spreadsheet readers now implement WindowedSpreadSheetReader as well (offering options firstRow and numRows):

    • FixedTabularSpreadSheetReader

    • ODFSpreadSheetReader

    • GnumericSpreadSheetReader

    • ExcelSpreadSheetReader

    • ExcelStreamingSpreadSheetReader

  • adams-spectral:

    • batch filters are now handled in the spectrum explorer automatically when filtering spectra with a batch filter.

    • the SpectrumPaintlet now always paints the markers, not just when zoomed in.

  • The search text field in the GenericObjectEditor's class tree now gets the focus automatically when being displayed.

  • The EnterManyValues source now allows date/time expressions for the time/date/datetime types, as supported by BaseTime/BaseDate/BaseDateTime. (eg NOW -1 DAY for an initial date value).

  • SequenceToArray and SequenceToCollection can now generate bundled outputs with overlaps. E.g. 1,2,3,4 with overlap=1 will get packaged as (1,2),(2,3),(3,4).

  • adams-weka:

    • upgraded multisearch Weka package to 2016.5.31.

    • WekaInstanceViewer sink now has options for color-provider and paintlet, as well as an updater (to speed up the visualization).

  • The EnterManyValues source actor now offers the ability to enter strings that are constrained by a regular expression (eg for entering an email address). This is done via the RegExpConstrainedStringDefinition.


  • adams-net: added Send error report menu item (under Program), which allows the user to send an error report to a support email address. Email support needs to be configured and a support email address supplied to make this feature available.

  • adams-spectral-core:

    • SpectrumDisplay sink now allows specifying a paintlet and color provider.

    • New SimpleSpectrumPaintlet comes without any markers, in contrast to SpectrumPaintlet.

  • adams-weka: added the SimpleInstanceLinePaintlet paintlet to be used in conjunction with the WekaInstanceViewer sink.

  • adams-spreadsheet:

    • The Spreadsheet Explorer offers similar functionality for viewing spreadsheets as the Weka Instance Explorer, but without any dependencies on Weka.

    • The SpreadSheetRowViewer sink displays rows from a spreadsheet as line plots.

Have a nice long Queen's Birthday weekend - if it applies to you!