Quite a number of changes have made their way into ADAMS since the last post...


  • MEKA upgraded to 1.7.5 (module: adams-meka)

  • WekaExcel upgraded to 1.0.5 (module: adams-weka) ExcelLoader always omitted last row in spreadsheets


  • Weka Explorer plugins FixedClassifierErrorPlot, ThresholdCurve now free up memory when the dialog gets closed

  • SpreadSheetColumnRange/Index sometimes failed in conjunction with variables

  • WhileLoop control actor did not re-apply variables once the looping started, ie conditions couldn't use variables that got updated within the loop


  • the adams-heatmap module received a fair number of changes:

    • heatmaps no longer have the restriction of having a minimum of 0

    • heatmap filters are now prefixed with "Heatmap" to avoid name clashes

    • HeatmapInfo transformer for outputting some info about a heatmap

    • added number of feature generators

    • removed instance generators (and adams-weka dependency)

  • Weka filter "Scale" (unsupervised/instance) allows you to scale the values of a row eg to interval 0 to 1

  • any spreadsheet table should now allow you to not only display a histogram of a row/column, but also simply plot the row/column values

  • math/boolean expressions now offer additional functions: cbrt (cube root), sinh, cosh, tanh, atan, atan2, hypot, log10, signum

  • SimplePlot sink - a simplified version of the SequencePlotter sink

That's it for now. Have a nice weekend!