Update 2016/04/26

It's been a while with a post regarding updates as I've been for once away from work for a while and the rather busy (because of being away). I just never seemed to get around posting any updates. Anyhow, here you go! :-)


  • Turning actor into callable actor didn't refresh the tree properly when there wasn't a CallableActors standalone yet present

  • Main window now shows the currently connected databases again

  • CsvSpreadSheetWriter

    • fixed enncoding typo in command-line flag

    • added no-header flag to output only data cells

    • added check-file-exists flag to reset the writer (ie the stored header), if the file no longer exists (eg got deleted elsewhere in flow)

  • spreadsheet's DoubleCell used wrong format for DateTimeMSec types, DateTimeFormat instead of DateTimeMSecFormat

  • FlowRunner now no longer generates a NullPointerException when using the SpreadSheetVariableRowIterator transformer. Flow Runner and Editor now use the same code base for executing flows.

  • Image viewer's meta-data extraction using Sanselan no longer chokes on placeholder files (eg ${HOME}/some/where/image.jpg)

  • fixed handling of variables within remote command created by NewRemoteCommand source

  • loading flows with just a single actor no longer fails (erroneously got identified as non-compact format)

  • Object editors now display empty strings as [empty] rather than invisible.

  • adams-rats: the Rat standalone now outputs flow errors with the logger of the actor that generated the error, instead of quietly discarding the error messages.


  • adams-spreadsheet:

    • NewSpreadSheet source now allows initialization of comments

    • FixedTabularSpreadSheetWriter now allows specification of column width per column and the omission of the headers and borders

  • Spreadsheet readers that handle missing values now use a regular expression for the missing value, rather than just a simple string.

  • The flow editor now warns when the user tries to externalize a range of actors that contain actors that reference a callable actor.

  • Renamed control actor TriggerRemoteExecution to RemoteExecutionTrigger.

  • DownloadFile sink in adams-net now shows the output file in the quick info as well.

  • adams-rats: the Rat actor now allows to forward flow execution errors to an error queue as well (incl the associated incoming data that was processed at the time).

  • TryCatch control actor now offers custom error post-processors to be specified, e.g., reacting to a OutOfMemory exception.

  • Swapping actors in the flow editor transfers now more options (however, there is no guarantee that all of them get transferred)

  • adams-maps: finally received some documentation on PostgreSQL/PostGIS handling.

  • adams-spectral-core: the SpectrumExplorer now sports a recent files sub-menu


  • adams-spreadsheet:

    • SpreadSheetAppendComments transformer allows the modification of spreadsheet comments

    • FixedTabularSpreadSheetReader for tabular data that uses fixed column-widths

  • adams-imaging: the BufferedImage transformer ThresholdReplacement allows the replacement of pixels that fall below/above a threshold in the grayscale space with a specified replacement color

  • adams-core:

    • conversion SimpleUnicodeToAscii and SimpleAsciiToUnicode allow conversion of unicode characters into ASCII counterparts like 'xABCD' and vice versa.

    • added FileBasedScriptingEngine that monitors a directory for remote commands to execute, rather than on a port (eg scp-ing files into a server)

    • added SendFile remote command to transfer a binary file

    • using the FTPConnection scripting connection, it is possible to transmit remote commands using FTP

    • the Multicast scripting connection allows you to send the same remote command to multiple hosts

    • multi handlers for request/response handling are now available for the remote command framework

    • NewTempFile source generates a unique, temp file name.

    • added class hierarchy of error post-processors to be used in conjunction with error handlers (see TryCatch).

  • adams-rats: rat output scheme QueueDistribute allows load-balancing among the define queues

  • adams-weka:

    • command-to-code dependency for turning Weka command-lines into code (WekaCommandToCode conversion). WEKA Command to code tool (user-mode: developer) supercedes WEKA Options conversion

    • added copy of LinearRegression classifier as LinearRegressionJ since the upcoming release of Weka will feature a modified version

    • added new classifier for numeric classes that uses a predefined formula, MathExpressionClassifier, with the attribute values being available in the formula via their names.

  • adams-spectral-core: added new reader for Opus files, called OpusSpectrumReaderExt