update 13/11

It's this time of the week again and there have been a number of updates again.


  • adams-core: the Inspect control actor no longer interprets skip as cancel

  • adams-core: the BreakPoint actor no longer locks the application when attempting to stop the flow inside a block that uses atomic execution (= finishedBeforeStopping option in Tee/Trigger/etc)


  • adams-core: the ImagePanel now allows undo/redo through the right-click popup menu as well

  • adams-imaging: Crop paint selection plugin offers undo/redo and also stores the x/y and width/height of the crop (in relation to the original image); PaintSelection supports undo/redo now too

  • option parsing of integer types now handles float-type strings (eg 11.0) as well, by parsing them as float and the retrieving the correct value - this is useful when dealing with numeric values stored in reports, as the default type there is float (even if you store an integer)

  • adams-meka: MEKA has been upgraded to 1.9.0

  • Index/Range (and spreadsheet/WEKA related classes) now allow enforcing of numeric indices by preceding them with "#" (eg "#13"); all names (columns/attributes/labels) can be enclosed with double quotes now

  • tool tips in the GenericObjectEditor have been improved; e.g., classes that implement ExampleProvider (eg Index/Range) now automatically append the example text


  • adams-core: new actor processors ListAllVariables and ListAllStorageNames

  • adams-weka: LeanMultiScheme is an extended version of Weka's MultiScheme meta-classifier with better memory management

  • adams-core: ReportToVariables and ReportToStorage transformers allow the transfer for multiple report values into variables/storage items in one go

  • adams-core: ModuleInfo source actor outputs information on the ADAMS module that make up the ADAMS application

Have a good weekend!