Unfortunately, the last release has a broken support for Jython inline scripts, with the input getting rejected. This happened due to the shift to a new editor component for source code and a left-over cast to the wrong superclass. The unit tests didn't pick this regression up, as it is a GUI-only problem. Support for Groovy inline scripts was working as expected in the release. Anyway, that's fixed now.

On the bright side, there is now support for a range of barcodes available in the adams-imaging module, thanks to my student Leo Xiong. You can, at the time of writing, generate EAN13 and QRCode barcodes using the "Barcode" draw operation (within the "Draw" transformer). Decoding is possible as well, even with a bigger range of possible barcodes. The barcode support is availabel throught the excellent zxing/core library, which I believe is used by Android as well.

Here is an example:


Using one of the scripting modules (groovy/jython) in conjunction with the pdf module, you can then easily create PDFs that contain QR codes. For instance for printing labels.