fixed Weka performance issue

This week, I have been mainly working on bugfixes in various frameworks, website development (including the ADAMS one!) and on my content for the third MOOC in the Weka MOOC series. Hence it was a bit quieter on the ADAMS side of things.


  • I took the unusual step of adding a non-release Weka to ADAMS. It is a post-3.7.13 release Weka (rev 12311), which fixes the severe performance issue that I uncovered the other week when using the setOptions method of Weka classes. Several large flows, with lots of Weka classes defined, in one of our commercial tools suddenly took more than 10 minutes to load.


  • adams-weka: the multi-search-weka-package dependency got upgraded to 2016.1.15


  • the new flow editor tabs Variables and Storage names allow you to list all variables/storage names that are used in the current flow. These tabs simply make the ListAllVariables and ListAllStorageNames actor processors available in a convenient way.

That's it for this week!