bunch of changes

It's been quite busy here again, with lots of things happening. Most notably, there is now a new data structure available for managing tracked objects: Trail.


  • WekaStreamFilter now handles Instances objects correctly

  • adams-events/adams-rats: the default scheduler instantiation is now centralized and synchronized to avoid exception that scheduler has already been instantiated (race condition)

  • debugging renderer fixed: WekaInstancesRender displayed more than one instance in the table


  • Once/TriggerOnce control actors can be reset now using a monitor variable

  • HeatmapDisplay actor now works inside a TabView

  • Inspect control actor now allows the automatic closing of the frame after accept/skip was clicked (useful when only using once)

  • MathExpression source/transformer now offer rouding (ie output of integer instead of double)

  • timeseries now use 1 milli-second as resolution rather than 0.1 second

  • FileInUse boolean condition now works on Unix as well

  • added IsAndroid boolean condition

  • Console sink now allows new lines (n) and tabs (t) in the prefix string

  • the GenericObjectEditor now places the popup with the class tree better; especially on Windows, it no longer gets stuck behind the taskbar


  • new conversion

    • Point2DToString/StringToPoint2D

    • QuadrilateralLocationToString/StringToQuadrilateralLocation

    • QuadrilateralLocationCenter

  • added support for timestamp strings with milli-seconds: BaseDateTimeMsec experimental support for spreadsheet cells that use a float instead of a double as internal data representation (for conserving memory)

  • WaitForFile transformer waits for a file to become fully available (eg when being written or uploaded; confer FileInUse boolean condition)

  • Trail data structure for handling tracked objects, supported by the following actors:

    • source: NewTrail

    • transformers; AddTrailBackground, AddTrailStep, GetTrailBackground, TrailFileReader, TrailFileWriter, TrailFilter

    • sink: TrailDisplay

  • Trail viewer for loading, saving, filtering trails

That's it for now and have a good weekend!