• adams-basic-app -- minimalistic application with Groovy, spreadsheet (zip)

  • adams-base-all -- contains all basic modules (zip)

  • adams-addons-all -- contains all basic modules and addons modules (zip)

  • adams-annotator -- an image/video annotation application (zip)

  • adams-ml-app -- contains machine learning, scripting and spreadsheet modules (zip)

  • adams-spectral-app -- contains module for handling spectra (2-dimensional spectra like NIR, MIR, XRF and 3-way data like EEM fluorescence spectra) spreadsheet modules and Weka module (zip)


With continued focus on deep learning, development has been around improving interfaces for annotating images (object detection, instance segmentation, image segmentation) and removing obsolete code/modules.

With the introduction of the adams-docker module, it is easy to integrate docker images in workflows. The adams-imaging-ext module contains some example flows that allow the user of SAM, DEXTR and other object detection algorithms to be used within the image annotation process, thanks to the newly added support for tools in these interfaces. Docker images for these frameworks are provided by us as well.

A lot of work went into improving the Matlab and JSON support.

RabbitMQ got dropped in favor of Redis as a message broker.

Due to Twitter (the social media website now known as X) changing their terms and conditions of using their API, the support for it was dropped.

OpenStreetMap support was dropped as well, due to third party libraries no longer being maintained.

Basic integration of OpenCV via JavaCV is now available through the adams-opencv module.

Last but not least, the default look and feel for ADAMS is now based on FlatLaf. The built-in, cross-platform Swing look and feel hasn't seen a refresh since Java 1.5, so about time to get something fresher looking out there.

Retired modules (moved to adams-discontinued):

  • adams-cqengine

  • adams-groovy-webservice

  • adams-jython

  • adams-osm

  • adams-rabbitmq

  • adams-rabbitmq-rats

  • adams-tensorflow

  • adams-twitter

  • adams-twitter-rats

New modules:

  • adams-docker

  • adams-imaging-ext

  • adams-opencv

  • adams-pyro4

  • adams-pyro5

Launching ADAMS

Unzip the ZIP archive and execute the appropriate shell/batch script from a terminal:

  • Linux/Unix/OSX: bin/start_gui.sh

  • Windows: bin/start_gui.bat

Linux users, when installing an Debian or RPM package, can start ADAMS either from their start menu or from the terminal (via adams-*-gui).