• adams-base-all -- contains all basic modules (zip)

  • adams-addons-all -- contains all basic modules and addons modules (zip)

  • adams-ml-app -- contains machine learning, scripting and spreadsheet modules (zip)

  • adams-spectral-app -- contains module for handling spectra (2-dimensional spectra like NIR, MIR, XRF), spreadsheet modules and Weka module (zip)

  • adams-annotator -- application for annotating videos with meta-data, e.g., for monitoring rodent behavior in lab environments (zip)

  • additional libraries

    • CUDA support for deeplearning4j (zip)


  • Over 80 new actors, nearly 30 new conversions

  • Weka Investigator -- the big brother of the Weka Explorer, or how to be more efficient with less clicks using multiple datasets in multiple sessions and multiple predefined outputs per evaluation run

  • Weka Multi-Experimenter -- simple interface for running Weka and ADAMS experiments.

  • File commander -- dual-pane file manager (inspired by Norton/Midnight commander) that allows you to manage local and remote files (ftp, sftp, smb); usually faster than native file managers (like Windows Explorer, Nautilus, Caja) in terms of handling 10s of thousand of files in a single directory

  • experimental deeplearning4j module

  • module for querying/consuming webservices using Groovy

  • basic terminal-based GUI for remote machines (eg cloud)

  • many interactive actors can be used in headless environment now as well

  • Fixed a memory leak introduced by Java's logging framework

  • Flow editor now has predefined rules for swapping actors, e.g. Trigger with Tee or ConditionalTrigger, maintaining as many options as possible (including any sub-actors).

  • improved imaging and PDF support

Launching ADAMS

Unzip the archive and execute the appropriate shell/batch script from a terminal:

  • Linux/Unix/OSX: bin/run

  • Windows: bin/run.bat