• base (all platforms): zip

  • base + addons (all platforms): zip


  • switch to Java 8

  • preferred IDE is now IntelliJ IDEA

  • removed OSX builds

  • 43 new actors

  • 13 new conversions

  • removed obsolete actors and conversions

  • added video support (video files and webcams)

  • added object detection and tracking (incl recording of object trails)

  • proof-of-concept remote-execution of jobs

  • SSH console

  • support for webscraping using JSoup

  • MEKA upgraded to 1.9.0

  • MOA regressor support added

  • better syntax highlighting for Groovy/Jython

  • several new Weka classifiers (eg Veto, LeanMultiScheme, ThresholdedBinaryClassification, InputSmearing)

  • new genetic algorithm: Hermione

  • extended the abstaining classifier framework (integrates with Weka)

  • adams-imaging split into: adams-imaging, adams-boofcv, adams-imagemagick, adams-imagej, adams-openimaj (newly added)

Launching ADAMS

Unzip the archive and execute the appropriate shell/batch script from a terminal:

  • Linux/Unix/OSX: bin/run

  • Windows: bin/run.bat