• Added 40 new actors, resulting in almost 4.1 actors for a wide range of domains available now.

  • Doubled the number of conversion schemes to almost 80, available through the Convert transformer.

  • New module for heatmap support available.

  • Much improved spreadsheet support: import/export from/to databases, improved memory efficiency, readers for WEKA file formats, filtering of rows/columns possible.

  • Built-in sqlite database support.

  • Comes now with attribute selection capability (WEKA).

  • Movie generation using the FFmpeg sink.

  • Flow editor offers a temporary clipboard for storing an arbitrary number of flow fragments, allows user to temporarily bookmark actors.

  • Updated and extended the documentation for the modules.

Launching ADAMS

  • Linux/Unix/OSX: bin/run

  • Windows: bin/run.bat

  • OSX: open the app archive

Mac users using the app archive need to tell ADAMS where to find the example flows (see above for download). The Placeholders.props file needs to be downloaded to $HOME/.adams and the EXAMPLE_FLOWS directory in the props file pointed to the actual directory with the example flows.